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The Pickens County Republican Party is working hard to grow a strong, vibrant, grass-roots organization to serve the communities across our county and we need your help!

Each of our county's communities need to be represented here as we strive to better the lives of those we love. Strong hands, strong wills and strong voices will make a difference. Working together, we can influence our government to reflect our communities' conservative values.

We invite you to contact us for more information about your precinct and for the date and time of our next meeting. We would love to meet you in-person and welcome you to visit our group.

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Please take a moment to connect with us and share your needs and concerns. We will keep your data confidential and private and will not share this contact with anyone outside our county organization.

Event Schedule


Monday 26

School District Pickens County Board meeting

PCRP members are advised to check the public participation policy on the SDPC site and are encouraged to attend and help other members be aware of issues. Be a leader in the precinct and brief others on issues. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AYwseH-bULFdoeU6OzLc8zuGn4fh08t2/view link for information on proposed discussion items.

Contact: Roseanne Morris, SDPC, 864.397.1000

Joint precinct meeting

Regular monthly meeting of Sheffield, Sitton, McAlister and invited guests; John Wallace, president of Sheffield precinct will preside over the joint meeting.

Contact: John Wallace 864.905.1200

Tuesday 27

Joint Precinct Meeting

A joint precinct meeting will be held for the Vinland, Cedar Rock and Lenhardt precincts. The meeting is open for all to attend.

Contact: Bj Southerland - pastorbj2018@gmail.com


Thursday 6

Joint Precinct meeting

Fruit Mountain and Smith Grove precincts hosting meeting, featured speaker is David Harrison, candidate for Pickens County sheriff in 2024.

Contact: Brandy Tarleton, brandyrunion@msn.com

County Council candidate forum - Support Brad White, PCRP

Abel precinct committeeman Brad White, candidate for District One (Clemson/Central) council seat, will participate in a candidate forum at 6:30pm. The League of Women Voters is sponsoring and Brad's opponent, Claiborne Linvill, will participate. Come out and support our America First candidate!

Contact: LOWV, lwvop1@gmail.com

Pickens Area Town Hall

On Thursday, Oct 6th at 7 pm there will be a town hall that focuses on the Pickens area. The town hall of local elected leaders will meet at the Pickens Senior Center

Contact: Alex Saitta

Thank You!

Two of the most important assets a person will ever possess is the time they have on this earth and their good name. When we care enough about our communities to spend a portion our time and reputation to improve the lives of those we care about, we are helping our communities and building our good name as well. We make a difference.

The Pickens County Republican Party strives to foster the ideals that made America the greatest nation and Americans the greatest people. We realize our present trajectory needs a course correction if our people are to remain a free and open society. So, we are working to influence present office holders and find candidates to carry these ideals forward as they represent our voices in all levels of government.

If you are already part of our organization, you are greatly appreciated! We thank you for the investment of time you have made to help carry out the work needed to build a great future for our communities and for our country. And if you are not yet part of the effort to keep alive the ideals that made us great, we would ask you come be part of our team. We have groups of individuals, just like you, working on important projects. You need to be part of this great movement.

As we work to carry this movement forward, just as any organization, we encounter some expenses from time to time. We are committed to being good stewards of any resources committed to our trust and directing them toward necessities and opportunities to advance the cause of freedom. We are providing you with an opportunity to lend support to your local Pickens County Republican Party by considering a monetary donation to meet the necessary expenses and extend our reach into the communities in Pickens County. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your support