South Carolina Statewide Primary Runoffs

Tuesday June 25th, 7am to 7pm

Please check and verify your voting location again. There have been changes since June 11th.

Go to Pickens Elections and scroll down to see your precinct voting location.

Pickens Elections

Get your sample ballot at SC Votes. You can mark it and bring it when you vote.

SC Votes

Pickens County EC Meeting

Thursday June 27th, 7pm to 8:30pm

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming 2nd quarter EC meeting at:

Golden Creek Baptist Church

477 Golden Creek Rd, Liberty

It has been a busy and exciting time amid critical primaries and preparation for the Presidential election. We appreciate all the incredible work of our candidates and those who have volunteered many hours to support their campaigns.

Special Note: We invite all the ECs to elevate any pending resolutions from their precincts.

By policy of our hosts, NO SERVICE ANIMALS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. Please make arrangements to comply with that.

One spouse or friend is welcome to accompany an EC member for assistance.

About Us

Pickens County GOP Leadership Team

Bob Fetterly - County Chair

BJ Sutherland - State EC

Teri Swann - Vice Chair

Neil Garrick - 2nd Vice Chair

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    Library Book Review Process

    The books on the lists below are those that have been identified as not suitable for school children.
    Please take time to look at them and submit the Request for Reconsideration of Library Resource to have the books removed or moved to an adult section of the library.

    Request for Reconsideration of Library Resource

  • List of books (pdf file)
  • List of books (excel spreadsheet)
  • The book list comes from the Book Looks website which rates books from 0-5 as to just how obscene they are according to their rubric.

    The books were cross referenced by Johnnelle Raines to make sure these books are actually in our Pickens County Library.

    One book has been challenged twice...most have not been challenged to her knowledge. It is important that people let her know if they have turned in a challenge as she is keeping up with which ones have been challenged and when, as well as The Director's Decision and the Appeals Decision.

    It is fine to challenge a book that has already been just shows that book has great concerns in our community.

    The rated 5 ones definitely need a challenge...then rated 4 ones.

    We must keep the pressure on the Director and the Board on these challenges...overwhelm them.

    We must also keep pressure on the county council and those who are running against present county councilmen. The county council CAN make an is a power they have according to the SC Laws on County's Library regardless of what the Librarians say... the library building BELONGS to the county and the taxpayers... they can and should not re-appoint board members who are fine with filth being available to minors. Not to mention pressure to hire a new library director who is not "woke" and all on board with this filth being available to minors. It doesn't matter if SC Law says they are exempt...they shouldn't be purchasing books like this. Praying the exemption gets taken away from them by Columbia Legislators...but until then we need to keep the pressure on.

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